Joining EC

The vetting process for joining Executive Connections is straightforward and relatively simple. We ask that you read the following for guidance on how to proceed.

EC’s success stems from the quality of leaders in the St. Louis area who make up its membership. Candidates are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Board. The criteria for consideration is:

  1. Be nominated by any member (in transition or alumni).  Sponsors will complete the endorsement form (below).
  2. Be in an active job transition.
    • For example, seeking funding for a start-up while applying for membership does not qualify.
  3. Planning to stay  in the St. Louis area.
  4. Held an executive-level leadership position.
    • For example, the last position of Director or higher and six-figure income history.  
  5. Demonstrate the behavior of a giver, not a taker.
  6. Demonstrate the behavior of leadership (this can be at work or community-related leadership).
  7. Prepared to make a lifetime commitment to Executive Connections.
  8. Demonstrate a focused and measurable commitment to the job transition process.
  9. Successfully complete the vetting process (below).
  10. Meet financial obligations of $500 to join (includes new member and landing party fees) and $150 annual dues (starting the calendar year after the member lands).

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Candidate Vetting Process

EC uses a ‘check and balance’ system to provide different Board Member perspectives of a candidate while helping the candidate to learn about EC.

  1. Candidates will complete three vetting meetings (in-person or virtual). The 3rd and final meeting will be with the Transition Group Facilitator.
    • Candidates should bring their resume, and any other supporting documents (if desired), to the meeting.
  2. The EC Candidate Vetting Coordinator manages the vetting process:
    • The Coordinator reviews the application, resume, sponsor endorsement, and any other documents provided, for candidate criteria acceptability.
    • The Coordinator assigns members to vetting meetings and notifies the candidate, sponsor, and board member(s) involved.
    • In the event the candidate is determined to not fit the criteria, the vetting process will cease and the Coordinator will notify the sponsor and the candidate.
  3. Vetting Board Members complete the candidate's assessment form and inform the Coordinator.
  4. Upon successful completion of the vetting process, the Transition Group Facilitator will contact the candidate to coordinate next steps and the payment.

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Expectations of Candidates in the Vetting Process

Vetting meetings are opportunities to assess the candidate for membership, see how a candidate handles networking, and allow the candidate to learn about EC.

  1. Candidates are responsible for contacting the Board Member and coordinating the meeting date/time/location/logistics.  
  2. Candidates should be prepared to:
    • Discuss their background, the role they are seeking, and their search status.
    • Discuss their leadership experience.
    • Discuss their giving experience/mindset.
    • Come with any questions about EC.
  3. If sending documents to the vetting member, please ensure they are in PDF format to prevent distortion when printing.

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  1. The EC referring member (Sponsor) should know the candidate well enough to attribute their name to the candidacy.
  2. The Sponsor is committing that they believe the candidate meets the criteria, will be a good cultural fit, is committed to lifelong networking, and is willing to help other members.  
    • Occasionally, candidates view the process and membership as a means-to-an-end, or as a transaction.  We aren’t interested in that kind of candidate.
  3. The Sponsor will ask the candidate to review the EC Membership Guidelines and Code of Ethics to ensure they are aligned with EC’s values and expectations.
  4. The Sponsor will ask the candidate to complete the Membership Application.
  5. The Sponsor will be a point of contact for the candidate (if needed). 
    • There are occasions when the EC Board will ask the Sponsor to contact the candidate to assist with an issue.  For example, late dues payment.

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Executive Connections applicants must be sponsored by a current member.

Sponsors, please provide your endorsement using the below button.