Guiding Principles

We are a network of Business Leaders Who Care. We are committed to lifetime support of our fellow members and will extend professional courtesy whenever appropriately called upon. Our value is our network of professionals and the contacts, expertise, and guidance they offer. We provide a program that any member can call upon as needed (if they remain an active member). Our value is reinforced by our vetting process. We carefully scrutinize membership to ensure we attract and accept the right people – those who genuinely care and demonstrate empathy for their fellow members who exhibit the right leadership qualities and who are committed to the process. This defines who we are and differentiates us from other organizations. Our fee structure is modest for the benefit that access to this network provides.

We are an organization of executive professionals. We conduct our meetings and interactions in a respectful, professional, and courteous manner which includes privacy with our fellow members, prospective contacts, and prospective employers. New members should originate from the ranks of Senior Management. 

We believe in the No Whiners Rule. We do not talk disparagingly about previous employers or colleagues. New members of Executive Connections must demonstrate that they are over any anxiety from their job loss and are prepared to begin their search with the spirit, enthusiasm, and dedication that it requires.

Networking is at the center of what we do.  A prospective member must demonstrate a lifetime commitment to active networking to join our group. Each member should strive to be as good a networker as they can be to be effective in our process.

The group is larger than the individual. As we are a peer networking organization, each member should give back as much or more than they take in. Bi-weekly meetings are much more effective if members are actively engaged and challenge each other.

Our organization is based on "Networking for Life". We avoid the "One and Done" philosophy where a member simply uses the group to satisfy their immediate need. Our Alumni Group is critical to our support and effectiveness, and it is what distinguishes us as an organization. Every member who lands is expected to continue to support the transitional group as appropriate.

We treat each other, and those we meet, with dignity and respect.  We treat all members with respect, courtesy, and dignity.  We do not discriminate and are respectful of ethnic, national, and cultural differences.  Harassment of any type, bullying, and mistreatment will not be tolerated.

We hold member information in confidence.  Information about members – including pay scales, employer relations, addresses, etc. – will be held in the strictest confidence and not divulged unless authorized by the members.  All member documents (i.e., applications) will be treated securely.

No solicitation rule.  Members will not use the member directory for business solicitations or send out mass solicitations to the membership.  Members are encouraged to post business opportunities, job postings, advice requests, etc. on the EC LinkedIn Group.  This provision does NOT preclude members from doing business together.