EC Code of Conduct & Ethics

12 May 2023
The success of Executive Connections is dependent in large part on the trust and confidence in our members. Members gain credibility by displaying honesty and integrity in their actions and statements and following through on promises and commitments. Executive Connections seeks to cultivate a positive environment through which members feel comfortable, carefully listened to, and supported during a difficult transition phase in their lives. It is this type of positive environment that will help members maintain self-confidence and succeed in moving through a transition phase to a desired position or career change.
Members are expected to always conduct themselves in an honest, open, ethical and lawful manner at all times while interacting with each other, on behalf of each other, when participating in any Executive Connections related meetings or events, and when performing any work for Executive Connections, including correspondence.  
Fellow members are to be treated with respect, courtesy, and honesty. Members must not belittle, demean, discriminate against, or harass other members. No member should take unfair advantage of another member.
Conduct during Executive Connections related meetings and events shall always be consistent with customary business practices and not be used for the purpose of achieving unfair advantage or obligation over another person. Furthermore, members are not to use formal Executive Connections meetings or events nor the membership list for the purpose of marketing or mass soliciting for a company or entity with which the individual is associated.

Executive Connections requires that all members follow all applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations.  
If a member knows or suspects the occurrence of any illegal or unethical behavior by another member or behavior otherwise in violation of this policy, the member must immediately report it to the President of the Board of Directors of Executive Connections. If for any reason the member is uncomfortable with making such a report to the President of the Board, the member should report to any other board member of Executive Connections.  There shall be no retaliation against a member for questioning an action or for making a legitimate and good faith report of suspected violation of this Ethics and Code of Conduct Policy.  All members are required to cooperate fully with any internal investigation of a suspected illegal or unethical activity. 
If Executive Connections determines that this Policy has been violated, then appropriate measures will be taken in response to the violation, up to and including revoking the membership of the member in violation of this Policy and/or reporting any violations to appropriate local, state, or federal authorities.